Hey everyone. I have imported this blog from Typepad because I am starting something different on there.

I am no longer having a “craft” blog it’s broader than that and although craft posts will be included there’s so much more I am interested in that I want to post along with family stories.

If you would like to visit the new blog you can visit me at http://www.staci.typepad.com/journal


See ya


Happy Valentines Day

013 copy
Happy Valentines Day everyone. 
We spent Thursday filling out valentines then the rest of the week/weekend snowed in.  I hope the boys get to celebrate Valentines day on Monday. We had some really cute valentines called Manga Me. I think they came from Target but not sure my memory is giving out.

I made Kody fill out everyones name by himself. He did pretty good except the two Elizabeths we had. I ended up doing theirs. Still, we had good time and Kody got  to practice his writing skills.🙂

Aren't they cute?

016 copy

I <3 Japanese Fabric

I don't really know what started the obsession. I didn't start my fabric hoarding with Japanese prints, I blame Superbuzzy. I was content with my Amy Butler & Jennifer Paganelli designs until I heard about Superbuzzy. I bought a few prints there and was hooked on the cuteness. I mean how can anyone resist these adorable little fairytale prints. I bought all these from This & That From Japan.


I found the Peter Pan & Cinderella prints first and immediately knew I had to have them. Then, I discovered these older fairytale prints I thought were discontinued.

I already have a custom order lined up with the Red Riding Hood fabric. I am not sure if they are discontinued or not but I have seen them cropping up on Etsy and Nuno so they may have been re-printed??


Quick Quilt


001 copy 

Just a preview of the quilt I am working on. It's almost complete  I just wasn't able to finish quilting it. Christian loves it though and is still using it until I am done. He calls it his fabric blanket.

I'll post more photos when it's finished.
( Not sure why he looks so surprised. Something must have happened on Mickey)

Art Doll & Artful Blogging

As we all know I am obsessed with Stampington Co. I have a plethora of their magazines, mostly Sommerset Life and Home. However, I have recently been addicted to the Art Doll publications.


I don't really know why because I cannot make an art doll and probably never will be able to. Still I think they are amazing and love to visit the artists websites that are featured in the issues. Another one I stalk Barnes & Noble for is Artful Blogging. I found out about Artful Blogging last summer and luckily could buy previous issues online. I purchased all but one which was sold out.😦

010 copy

Anyway I would definitely pick up an issue of any of these magazines next time you are in the store and browse through them. They are a bit pricey but I think they are more like books in my opinion. I frequently revisit old issues just for the inspiration. I love the photos and crafts that are featured in each one and wish I could have the same creative skill as the people they publish do. I am too simple though to think outside the box and combine paint and fabric into a crazy brooch/doll. Maybe one day.🙂 Until then at least I can admire everyone elses crafty talent.


Fresh New Fabric


I have been  really good lately not purchasing fabric but a recent trip to the Asheville Cotton Company ruined it all.

They had Nicey Jane which thrilled me because usually they don't carry Heather Bailey fabric. I had to order her last collection off the internet and was really disappointed with the pattern size when they arrived. The prints were so large I was unable to use them so ended up doing a blog giveaway and getting rid of them. Nicey Jane does have some rather large prints as well but since I could see them in person I was able to pick out the pieces that were usable.


As the nice ladies were cutting my Heather Bailey fabric I moseyed to the childrens section and discovered the cutest fabric line I have seen in that particular store ever!


It's called Frolic from In the Beginning fabric company and has little owls and other forest animals throughout each print.


I only got 4 pieces but will be going back to get a fat quarter stack in the blue colorway for a future boy quilt .🙂

Feeling Creative Again


I am excited.
I can finally resume my usual art & craft antics I used to blog about.

019 copy

I unpacked my art box yesterday since we have been snowbound and began working in my art journal. I missed all my colored pencils. I missed the scent of the wood shavings as I sharpened them. The colors rejuvenated my creative spark and after some painting and drawing I decided to break open a fabric box. I dug out a bunch of forgotten fabric bits and proceeded to cut enough for a simple quilt, much to my moms dismay. I think we have finally started to get to her and she is heading back to Florida this week. The kids toys and my fabric everywhere is cramping the place. I feel bad, but in my defense our house was supposed to be done by Christmas. Here it is February and we are still at the cabin……



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